Sunday, February 20, 2011

30DC: Get Moving - DAY 7

DAY 7:
Walking: 4 hours (walked around the Outlets in Jackson, NJ - that place is HUGE)
Hula Hoop: 5 minutes

Weight Training: 1 minute
Lunges: 2 minutes

I have to say that I can definitely feel yesterday's 10 minutes of hooping. Don't get me wrong, I drop the hoop a lot and I only do about 2-3 minutes at a clip before taking a break, but I can definitely feel it in my abdomen. It's not quite the same feeling as you would get if you worked really hard and your muscles were sore, but there are muscles that I didn't even know I had worked out! I'm still getting used to how the hoop feels around my body - I got an adult sized one that just has a little purified water in it, but it takes forever for the hoop to go all the way around my body. Sometimes it feels really slow. I guess that's why some people do tricks while hooping.

I'm anticipating a weight gain this upcoming weigh in - I ate a lot of junk all weekend, I've been working out a lot more and it's just about that time of month. So I'll be very surprised if there isn't a gain this week (though I'm secretly hoping for a big loss).

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  1. Look at you go!! Your doing awesome girl! Thanks for all the motivation!