Monday, February 21, 2011

A 2 Year Old Monster - Part 1

My Little Monster turned 2 on the 6th. I can't believe how fast time has flown by. It feels like only yesterday I was in the hospital rocking her to sleep. And you know, now that I think of it, she's been giving me trouble with her sleeping ever since before she was born. She was always waking me up at 3am... even in the womb. When we were in the hospital, she refused to sleep unless she was in my arms. The nurses yelled at me because I would sleep while holding her. Little did I know that that's how I would have to sleep for the next 2 years. She still wakes up at 3AM to crawl into bed with Mommy & Daddy.

M's birthday party was Minnie Mouse themed. I had a lot of fun decorating and preparing for it.

I made these cute little pennant banners and hung them up around our living room/hall way. They were made with some fabric scraps and ribbon. I made them very quickly at 1:00AM the night before the party, so the edges aren't finished, there are some wrinkles and the backs are not lined. BUT, they worked and were super cute.

This is, again, the night before the party. I moved our dining table to the living room and covered it in Zebra print fabric, then added some hot pink with white polka dot fabric as a runner. I loved it. I made the Mouse head wreath above the table, too. You can see her birthday dress hanging up, too.

Here's a close up of the table. Being near Valentine's day, I found a lot of pink candies to use. There were strawberry flavored candy corn, pink m&m's (both peanut and regular), strawberry marshmallow hearts, various hershey kisses (raspberry, chocolate & caramel, and cherry cordial). I also found Mickey Mouse themed sweet tarts and chocolates wrapped with this adorable pink classic Minnie & Mickey wrapper. The Mouse hands I found at Target. How cute are they?!

A closer close up of the table. I added some 'strands of pearls' to the table. I got those little scoopers at Walmart for the jars of candy, too. M & I made the 2 pictures in the frames. I cut out the pieces with scraps from her invitations and she glued them on. Very cute, right? The cake was my first attempt at fondant. My hands were dyed hot pink for days.

The cake was interesting to make. It was a strawberry cake with lemon icing and marshmallow fondant. Very tasty. I should've used a different cake mix though, or lined the fan with parchment paper (which sadly, I had already and forgot to use). The cake was kind of sticky, so it broke... a lot. I had to use the icing to glue it back together. hahaha. It was a mess. The fondant hid the mess very nicely though.

I don't have any pictures, apparently, but we also picked up this giant 3' Minnie Mouse balloon. It's still floating around in M's room. hahaha.

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