Saturday, January 29, 2011

Worst Stomach Bug EVER

Remember that time back in October/November when I was sick for like 3 weeks? I would take that again any day over what Jesse and I have now.

Silly us, we decided to order pizza last night. M was the lucky one when she refused to eat. I wish I had taken a page from her book because J and I have the worst food poisoning known to man.

TMI Warning: I've been up since 1:00am with liquids coming out of every orifice on my body (with the exception of my ears) every 15-30 minutes. M and Jesse woke up at 5:00 and while M  isn't sick, she still wanted to sit on my lap while I was sitting on the bathroom floor (or come into the bathtub when I gave up and just laid in there in child's position [yoga pose for those who don't know]).

Jesse seemed better than me for a while, but not anymore. Now we're about the same. If I take 1 sip of liquid (water, juice, broth or otherwise), 10 tons of liquid come back up. The only things I've been able to keep down (and it's only been 3 hours) is one of those DelMonte freezer cups (raspberry) and a freezer pop.

What I wouldn't give for some gatorade and ginger ale right now. I need to remember to keep some in the house just in case. I even gave in and tried having some orange flavored pedialyte, but that stuff is absolutely disgusting.

But apparently I've lost 3lbs so far today. Even if it wasn't the way that I wanted to lose weight. And I'm sure it'll all go right back on once I'm able to drink liquids and eat again.

M is so cute today, though, and I feel really bad. She's not sick at all, but she keeps coming into our bed saying "Mommy sick. Daddy sick." and then she rubs our arms or our backs. How cute is that? She's been so good, too. She's just been playing in her room and watching movies all day. I am very grateful for having an independent little girl who can entertain herself all day. She did ask me to read her a book, but after I read it, she read it to me.

Dis an angel.
Dis a heart.
A baby.
A star. A heart. A ball.
The end.

Mommy's turn!
My turn!

And then she'd start again. It was a Precious Moments 'My Angel' book that I picked up one day from Target for $1. How cute is that?

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