Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the road to being a big girl....

I was using the bathroom last night and the little monster comes in and starts telling me 'I peepee'. This is nothing out of the ordinary, she always says this whenever we're in the bathroom. She then goes and grabs her toilet seat cover from under the bathroom sink.

Elmo, because it's her favorite
Again, nothing out of the ordinary. So she starts pushing me off the toilet, literally, and I let her get on.

We waited a few minutes and then she said 'all done' and reached for the toilet paper. I gave her a piece and she 'wiped' (by wiped I mean she shoved the little piece directly into the pot).

And then...

All of a sudden... 

We hear...



M used the potty for real for the first time ever.

You should have seen her face. It was the picture of surprise. haha. She kept laughing the whole rest of the time she was on the potty and didn't want to get off (she kept squeezing to try to get more out so that we'd clap for her some more, haha).

We are on our way to big girl pants and no diapers!

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