Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oliver's Labels

I recently got my hands on some of Oliver's Labels and I have to tell you, these are some of the most fantastic kid's labels I've ever tried.

Oliver's Labels makes high quality waterproof labels and tags to stick on all your kids' stuff. And when I say all, I mean all. Dishes, lunchboxes, clothes, the insides of shoes, etc. The labels are dishwasher & laundry safe and are said to never fade, scuff or peel.

 I got a good number of labels to try out for M and they really do stick, well. I was hesitant at first because they sort of feel like window clings, but after using them for a week, I'm convinced. I'm not going to put up pictures of my actual labels because I got M's full name on them for school and we don't need any stalkers. :) BUT I can tell you that the labels look EXACTLY how they do on Oliver's Labels website (except if you do the preview, the preview comes out a little grainy looking, but the labels themselves are high quality and crystal clear).

We got the polka dot design in original labels, mini labels, shoe labels and clothing labels. You could also get iron ons, bag tags, kitchen labels, photo labels, wristbands and more.

The shoe labels are shaped like little feet. So cute! And they don't peel off after days of running around either.

The coolest thing about Oliver's is that they have a thing called a 'found it' code. This generates a code on the side of the label and a website where a 'finder' can go to enter the code to help return the item to you if it gets lost.

All in all, I think these labels are well worth the investment and they aren't even that expensive. For the original labels, you get 40 in a pack for only $19.99.

NOTE: I received a package of Oliver's Labels free in order to do this review.

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  1. Oh, that "Found It" code is really cool! I don't think I've seen that feature before on labels!