Saturday, October 23, 2010

I must be doing something right....

I try to teach M something every day, but sometimes I feel like a terrible mom for not working with her more often. I hear all these things from moms who sit down with their kids every day for an actual lesson and think to myself, "Oh, I should be doing that, too". It makes me disappointed thinking that I could be doing more with her to help her.

But then I take a step back and I see the things that she CAN do.

At nearly 21 months old, M can use the potty (sometimes), feed herself, wash windows, clean drawings off the walls, scrub carpets, put her toys away, manipulate the vacuum and feed the cats (even if it is 1 little handful at a time). She can also scribble and tells me what each scribble is. Dat is Daddy.Dis the cat. Der a biddie (birdie). She can even put on her own lotion.

Daddy is the bottom left big circle with the lines that actually look like a body. M is the big circle next to it which actually has dots for eyes and a line for a mouth, then she scribbled it and said "dat me".

What really amazes me is a few of the things that she's done this.

1. She learned a few difficult new words within the last week: puhkin (pumpkin), jump, pull, pew-duh (computer), biddie (birdie), have, fwower (flower), mah[n]dee (Maddie. Yes, she finally learned her own name... well, nickname), feet, sleep
2. She learned how to get her pants over her feet (still working on pulling them up)
3. She now asks for things in full phrases: peas, I have a cup.peas, have a cookie, peas.
4. She watches tv and knows what's going on. And I'm not talking about things like Sesame Street.
5. She now knows about 4/5ths of the alphabet (she learned H, K and X this week) and all of her numbers from 0-10 except 4 & 7.
6. She can get her own shoes on and is trying to do her own socks.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, our camera was charging. She was trying to get her sock on top of her slipper.

The one really gets me is number 4. She used to laugh randomly at parts of Finding Nemo, but the other day I heard her whining in her room, so I went to see what was wrong....

What's wrong, baby?

Mommy. Uh oh, Mommy, duh books. Duh books gone, Mommy.

What books?

Go Go. Go Go books gone!

*she turns back to watching an episode of Go Diego Go*


*points to the book hidden in the tree*

For anyone who's curious, it was this episode.

I couldn't believe that she could not only follow along with the episode, but she could tell me what was happening! She was even telling her teachers about that episode the next day. That's really good, right? To be able to do that and not even be 2 years old yet?

So I have to be doing something right.


  1. She's a SMART cutie patootie :) And you're a good momma!