Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Healthy You Challenge #2

I haven't been doing great this week. Jesse & the monster were sick Thursday and Friday. Then, of course, I got sick Monday morning. I've been trying to keep track of my calories, at the very least, but it's difficult when you're sick and all you want is comfort food. I've been doing okay with that - I've only been a little over or just at the cusp that I give myself the last few days.

I do have to give myself some credit though, I did diligently keep a food log every day this week. I went out and got myself a little notebook and at the end of the day (or before dinner), I log everything I ate for the day and how many calories they were.

Food-wise, we've been doing okay. We've been having a lot of soup, but I did make some veggie burgers the other day, too.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! It's so hard to stay on track when you don't feel good. A food journal is SO HELPFUL! I used to write everything down when I was on Weight Watchers and it really helps you stay focused and accountable.

  2. Good on ya for keeping up your food log! Hope you feel better ASAP. :)