Friday, October 22, 2010


Back in January, there was a problem with the pipes in my apartment building. My complex isn't bad, it's actually a fairly new building. Anyway, the pipe above our living room burst and it streaked our nice off-white walls.

Well, here it is nearly the end of October and SURPRISE, they finally sent a painter to come repaint that wall. It's only been nearly 10 months and I only called them about 500 times to remind them.

Oh well, it's done now and that's what's important (though it's a really crappy job, I could have done better).

Do you guys have any experiences like this? Did you get as frustrated as I did and then end up disappointed in the end?


  1. I have been there with a land lord before. We had two very bad land lords. Just be careful if you ever decide to move and take pictures before you leave. Especially if you fix some thing yourself. Take a before and after. They come in handy if you need them later. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  2. Thanks for joining in Mommy Madness Blog HOp and following my blog! I'm following yours now, too! =)