Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swagbucks, anyone?

I'm curious, do any of you do Swagbucks? One of my friends told me about it recently and it looked interesting, so I joined.

For those of you unfamiliar with Swagbucks, basically, you do different things and earn points (called swagbucks). Once you collect enough points, you can trade them in for prizes. Prizes range from downloads to jewelry to gift cards. You collect points by searching the web (through their search engine), answering surveys, taking polls, doing special offers, etc.

Search & Win

I joined swagbucks about 3 weeks ago and I already have $25 in Amazon gift cards and enough points for another gift card. How awesome is that? I think I'm going to save them up to get the Little Monster some of her Christmas gifts. They say the gift cards take about 2 weeks to process, but I've been getting my codes in under a week.

The first thing I'm going to get with all my gift cards? This:
If you do swagbucks already, do you have tips for anyone that you'd like to share??

Here are a few of mine.
1. Make sure you go into the polls, NOSO and surveys section every day (you get 1 point each for those)
2. Do the special offers! I set up a new email address specifically to collect all of the emails so that it wouldn't flood my normal mailbox. You do not need to sign up for the special offers with the email address that you signed up on the site with.
3. If you are uncomfortable giving out your home address and phone number for the special offers, put in an old one that you used to have!


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  1. I do swagbucks and love it. The search isn't as good as google to me but totally worth it. I am wondering how you have 25$ and enough for another coupon in only 3 weeks. It usually takes ma about 3 weeks to build up enough for a 5$ coupon (which I thought was good). So just wondering if you have any tips.