Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pink & Shabby Chic

This evening, I created a new treasury over on Etsy. For those of you who don't know, my daughter's middle name is Rose. Every time I think of her name, I imagine having her room decorated in some beautiful shabby chic patterns with little rose buds everywhere. Of course, we don't really have the money to do that right now (and we're in a small apartment anyway), so it's going to have to wait until she's a little bit older. Hopefully, she'll still let me decorate her room at that point!

You can check out the treasury here:
Starting at the top, going left to right...
1. Whimsyandcharm - Pink & Gray Kanzashi Flowers
2. 1mADwoman - Cherry Blossom Clutch
3. CrochetRUs - Shell Pink Teddy Bear Hat
4. Missesbird - Rose Quartz Necklace
5. LollyBopBaby - Pink Beanie with White Peony
6. ChosenVintage - Fuchsia Pink Rosettes Necklace
7. Danilykewoah - Tea Garden Hey There Delilah Dress
8. MyOtherPrincess - Frosted Mini Bath Bomb Cupcakes
9. Prettylittlepearl - Sweetheart Apron in Bliss Bouquet
10. NotSoShabbyChic - Antiqued Pink Rose Cabochon
11. AuntiDis - Sweet Honeysuckle & Rose Candle
12. 2Kute - Pink Crochet Trimmed Socks
13. Bowquet - Pink Interchangeable Bow
14. StefanieKayDesign - Hello Roses in Olive Baby Bib
15. Vintagefix - Rose Colored Heels with Bow Accents
16. WiseOldOwl - Rose Garden Earrings

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