Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nothing ever seems to get done...

Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like you got nothing done at all?? I feel like I've been having one of those weeks.

I've been trying to sell the monster's crib and some of her clothes because we don't have the storage space and every time I try to schedule someone to come pick them up, they never show. Heck, I offered her dresser for free and the woman bailed 4 times. I finally told her forget it. So most of last week was spent waiting for a bunch of no shows.

We bought M a shelf for her room that we have yet to put up (or me to paint for that matter).

I did take M for a walk on Thursday, but I didn't get dishes or laundry done all week.... well, I did do 1 load, but most of those are dirty again already.
This looks something like my pile

Saturday I cleaned a bit. In fact, the living & dining rooms were spotless... but if you walked into our apartment today? Yeah, there's stuff everywhere again. It's so hard keeping a place clean with a toddler and 2 cats (and a husband). I did make M a new outfit though (a peasant top and shorts).

And today we drove 2 hours north, visited J's family for a few hours and then drove 2 hours home. I was going to do laundry this evening, but I'm exhausted! How can someone be exhausted when they haven't done anything all weekend? I had so much I wanted to get done today... laundry, dishes, clean M's room, put away her outgrown clothes, get a cover for the sewing machine (she likes to pull the thread off), make a dress and a few more tops (I ran out of thread)...

I think I need a personal day.

And thanks to everyone who left me a kind comment the other day. It made me feel a lot better. <3

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  1. Welcome to my life. I wish I had advice...but I live this. I keep saying it would be pure heaven to have a day at home with nobody else here. But I don't think that's going to happen ;-)