Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go to sleep little girl

Last night, the monster woke up at 2am crying. Since she's in her toddler bed now, she gets out of her room and stands in our doorway until I tell her to come in or go get her. So I got her and put her back in bed. After 20 minutes, she was still wide awake, so I put on Nick Jr (yes, we have a television in her room). I don't normally condone Oobi (I hate that freaking show with all the baby talk), but I was tired, so I went back to bed.

My cousin loved Oobi when he was little, too. It drives me insane.
 Another 5 minutes goes by and she's back in our room crying and carrying her little pillow pet. So, I do the mommy thing and let her come cuddle in bed with us. For a while she was fine. She stroked my arm. She kissed Daddy. But by 2:45am, she's still wide awake.

And that's when it started.

My eyes start to close. My thoughts start to drift.

Maaaaaah maaaaah

I look over and she's staring at me with a big grin.

Nah nah, mah mah
(night night mama)

Good night, M

Maaaamaaa, nah nah

Go to sleep, baby


And over and over it went. If I didn't respond, she got right up over my face and shouted it louder at me. Daddy tried cuddling her, but she got upset, got out of the bed, walked around to my side (she was in the middle) and climbed in next to me. Then she drank my entire bottle of water.

It wasn't until 4am that she finally fell back asleep.
And guess who had to wake up at 5:30 for work this morning.
That's right.


  1. aww, sounds like everyone had a party last night w/ their little one. :( I hope tonight goes better for you!

  2. Oh no! I am so sorry! Hope you get some rest tonight.