Tuesday, July 13, 2010

11 Days to Go

There are officially only 11 days to go until my wedding. We've already filled out the paperwork and handed it in for our marriage license. I'm supposed to go pick it up tomorrow. My friend will be performing the wedding. Jesse has all of his clothes ready. M's dress is bought and hanging. I have my dress (though I'm still strongly considering making myself something nicer). But there is still so much to do! We bought a replacement charger for our blue camera (the old one got lost somewhere in our car & we wanted to have both of our cameras there so that people can take pictures for us).

I still need to find white flip flops for me. Old Navy had every size except mine. Do you know how hard it is to find all white flip flops? I've been looking for months! I even checked Target. I'm half-tempted to just wear my old Roxy ones and just scrub off the design on it.

Then, there's the favors. It is so hard to decide on favors when you're not having a reception! I wanted to do sunscreen wipes, but it's like $14 for 5 and that's just ridiculous. I think that I've settled on chocolate dipped pretzel rods, chocolate truffles (maybe) & water bottles with our own label on it. It's incredibly difficult to find water proof paper for the water bottle labels, too! My cousin mentioned that she saw some at Walmart once, so I think I may be heading there some time this week to check (Target didn't have any).

I've also been contemplating starting a flickr account so that people can upload pictures they took there and then they can save all the pictures from other people, too. But is flickr too difficult for some to understand? What do you think? Any better ideas?



  1. 11 days?! EEEPPP!! How exciting :)

  2. I don't think Flikr is complicated. It's very user friendly.

    Can't believe it's 11 days away