Sunday, June 13, 2010

Meet Jewel

Jewel is a little 4 year old girl from Tennessee who was born premature and suffers from Cerebral Palsy. Even with therapy, she is still unable to walk without surgery. Jewel has had the fortunate event of meeting a doctor at the Saint Louis Children's Hospital who can perform this surgery for her, but they need help getting & staying there. They will be meeting Jewel's doctor on June 21st and she'll be having her surgery on July 6th. It sounds like they have the surgery covered, but the travel costs are going to be a longshot for them.

Jewel's family has set up a website for her here. They are accepting paypal donations and have information about the cookout they are hosting in honor of Jewel (that everyone is invited to).

Auntie Di's De-Lites has a nice little blog entry about Jewel and the fundraiser she is hosting to raise so money to send to Jewel. She is offering to donate $5 from the sale of her Jewel's Hope Candle (you choose the scent) to Jewel's family. If that listing is sold out, please visit her Etsy shop and locate the newest listing.


If you've never purchased a candle from Auntie Di's before, they are FANTASTIC. We've gotten a few now and I'll never switch anywhere else. They last a long time and they smell delicious.

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