Friday, April 30, 2010

30 Day Shred: Day 3

I wasn't feeling well yesterday from the lack of sleep in my new weekly schedule, so I took the day off from exercise. Today I picked it back up. It was ok, I'm still pretty sore though from Tuesday & Wednesday's work outs. I'm mostly feeling it in my shoulders, calves (closer to my ankles) & thighs. I'm still overly tired and ended up almost falling asleep during the sit ups (silly me for blinking too long). I think once I catch up on sleep, it'll be better. I catch up on the weekend and then by Wednesday I'm beat.

I am feeling a little burn in my stomach area today. Not much, but a little and that's better than nothing!

No weigh in today, maybe tomorrow. Jillian says that by day 5 you should start to see/feel a difference in your endurance.... I sure hope that I do!

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