Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ok, I need to vent

Sometimes I feel like no matter what I do and no matter how hard I work, it really just doesn't matter. J and I got our tax returns back recently, only to find out that the majority of it is spoken for.... and not what I intended it for. My biggest qualm is the $350 that needs to go to DirectTV. If you have a choice, NEVER go with DTV. They are the worst company ever. We signed up for a 1 year lease and they changed it to a 2 year without telling us AND they never had us sign any contracts. Yet, my complaints to the BBB (and multiple other governmental agencies) went unheeded - even after their "Support Rep Manager' from the 'Office of the President' told me to go f- myself. We still have a lot of doctor's bills to pay for the little one, too. We had to take her to the Children's Hospital back in July to have her heart checked out (she has a strange clicking that they don't know what it is).

Then there's J. His job doesn't provide him with health or dental insurance, but it appears that his teeth are falling out and I'm beginning to believe that he may have an infection (he's been complaining of a bad smell and a sinus infection for several months now). Yet, we can't afford to get him health insurance either. We've checked out the local dental schools, but there's nothing that can help him out. We actually need to take him to an orthodontist and have him checked out. How are we going to afford that? Now to top it off, he was promised a raise and a promotion at his job and come to find out, they went behind everyone's backs and are hiring outside the company instead. So instead of the raise, he's going to have his hours cut. So what are we supposed to do now? I don't want him to wait much longer to see the dentist, but at the same time, we barely have enough to cover our bills and food each month. I tried talking to my employer about it, but it seems there's just nothing he can do - our company's dental insurance doesn't cover anything more than cleanings (and I make 'too much' for him to be able to apply for governmental assistance).

So I'm stuck and have no one to discuss it with. I can't talk to J because it makes him really upset. I'm estranged from my mother (LONG story) and my father was never around. His family, you ask? His father passed away a little over a year ago and now his mother's lost their house and needs to find a new place to move by the end of the month (she's had several months to look). So there's no one for me to turn to to talk with or vent to or even ask for a loan from and it's been making me very.... depressed, I guess. Here's hoping I find my fairy godmother soon to help us find our way out of this terrible situation.


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry :( Trust me, I know all about dental issues. Dental insurance really is a joke if you need much more than a cleaning. My dentist told me about Care Credit...it's a line of credit for health things. But....that's still a monthly payment which sometimes isn't possible. Could you guys at least get him in for an evaluation so you know what you're dealing with??

  2. Yeah, we've heard about CareCredit. We just really don't want another credit card, ya know? We did end up finding a place that did sliding scale. They only extracted the worst tooth, but it only cost us $10. He's still got a broken tooth and they said he has a lot of holes in his teeth (thanks a lot to his parents for never taking him to the dentist... ever). They also told him he has a mouth infection and prescribed him Amoxicillin (thank goodness for Targets $4 generics). We're going to try to take him back in another month or so to get some of those holes filled and his broken tooth fixed (he wants it capped or filled, but there's a big chunk missing)