Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Little Monster!

Saturday was the little one's 1st birthday. We had to cancel her party because we got almost 2 feet of snow between Friday night and Saturday afternoon. I was absolutely devastated, and I'm still really upset. What kind of mother can't give her daughter a birthday party, especially her first one?? I really wanted it to be special. Anyway, we ended up snowed in all day Saturday (here it is Monday and half the roads still aren't plowed/salted and we're expecting another foot by Wednesday). So, I made her some cupcakes - strawberry with lemon icing - YUM. We all loved them (we made them with a can of sprite instead of the oil and eggs, it makes them so nice and fluffy).

Friday night, we managed to get the monster's pictures done right before the snow started (thank goodness). They came out beautifully! She wore the dress & bloomers I made you (that I think came out very nice, even though it was my first time making her a whole outfit!).

Happy birthday to my sweet, little princess!

The dress pattern is the Maya Peasant Dress from Romeo&Mae. It was so easy and if you have a little girl who wears 1-5T, I highly recommend this pattern! There were 8 pieces total and I modified it a little bit because M's not quite in 1T yet (it came down to her ankles). So I shortened it and now it comes down to her knees (when the bloomers aren't on). The bloomers are from a McCall's pattern that I bought last year and I just added ruffles to them myself. <3


  1. Happy 1st BDay!!!
    She is just too cute! The outfit came out great and the pictures are gorgeous. I wouldn't even know which one to pick! lol

  2. Ohmigosh she's ADORABLE!!!! Love the pic of her looking over her shoulder!! Don't beat yourself up about the party...I know you're disappointed, but they don't even know any different at this age. I'm sure she had a blast!

  3. She is too cute! Love your modifications!