Monday, December 7, 2009

7 December 2009

I did it! I managed to make the Little Monster 2 outfits for her Christmas pictures... which I scheduled for this Thursday. We might also get her pictures in 1 other outfit, too. I still need to make her some shoes to match the red one, but here it goes:

She's making a funny face in this one, haha.

I'm in love with this pink one. I used a 25yd roll of hot pink and about half of each 25yd rolls of light pink and white tulle. I also used a roll of hot pink glittery ribbon. The santa hat was $1 at Target, the boa was leftover from the red dress. I already had the elastic, the shirt & the pants. All in all, this outfit cost a grand total of $13 to make!

I still need to get a black ribbon and make her a belt for the red one. I ended up using 2 25yd rolls and 1 15yd roll of red for this dress. Plus, 1 roll of white ribbon, the boa and a roll of red ribbon. It ended up costing somewhere around $20 to make, but I still like it!! :)

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