Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 may 2009

The Monster and I both had ear infections this week - she got hers first and mine followed a few days later. Early last week she kept pulling and grabbing at her ear. I assumed it was because she's been teething since she didn't have a fever. On Saturday, we went to my mom's house to go to the May Fair when she told me Arthur just got an ear infection on Friday. Lo and behold, my ear starts killing me later that night. Still no fever in either of us though and the doctor's would be closed until Tuesday. Early Sunday morning, I ran to Walmart and picked up some baby tylenol and ear drops for all ages. I hate giving the baby tylenol because it makes her sleep all day, but I wanted to make sure she was fixed up quickly. You could tell she felt better by Monday - she wasn't pulling her ear, she was sleeping better at night. Me on the other hand, my ear is definitely better, but there's still a little pressure.

The May Fair was fun. M enjoyed it. She loved looking at all the colors of the different cars. We were there for a good 3-4 hours and she slept for a little bit, but not very much. She wore her cute little sunglasses that I bought her since it was about 90+ degrees out. I wish I had brought her sun hat though because she didn't want to stay in her stroller. Richard won a goldfish (which our mom almost killed later in the sink) and Josh & Arthur made some sand art (even though the woman selling it was a jerk).

We bought M an exersaucer last night. We went all out and bought her this really nice one with lots of toys. It's cute - it's jungle themed. It took Jesse and I about 2-3 hours to put the whole thing together, but the best part about it is it's a 3 stage toy. I wish we had bought it a few months ago because it starts out as a play mat. Right now she's in stage 2, which is the regular exersaucer (the seat spins, haha). When she outgrows the saucer (which has 3 height levels), it turns into a play table. I like it, too, because the whole thing can rock (she's too little to make it do this right now though, so we have the feet out so it'll stay still). She loves the toy, especially the 3 birds with instruments. She can't make them play their instruments (except the one that spins), but she still loves grabbing at them.

We started the baby on solids last week, too. So far she loves apples, pears, bananas and carrots and hates peas.

Monday, May 18, 2009

18 may 2009

M's been pretty whiny today.... not really cranky, just whiny. I can't tell if it's because she's sick or because she's teething. She slept 13 hours last night (minus 10 minutes to eat at 7:20am) before I woke her up. And even then, I changed her, fed her and she fell right back to sleep. She's been sleeping pretty much the entire day, in fact. I did have to wake her up one other time though because she was screaming in her sleep like she was being hurt.

Jesse went away from Friday to Mother's Day - he stayed at his mom's. I stayed home with the baby. She was pretty good, though she definitely missed her daddy. You could tell from the stunned expression she had on her face for about 10 minutes.

I actually made M that dress and headband just for the occasion. She looked adorable. The dress is so much better in person and it was the first clothing piece I've sewn. :)

I made her a pouch sling, too. I love it because it's so much easier to carry her in than the front to back carriers and she can use it up to about 35lbs since there are so many different carrying positions. She loves it, too, because it's so comfortable for her.

You can see more pictures here